Anal wife

My kinks

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Anonymous asked: Where would a lucky man have to live to fuck your ass and creampie it?

Europe maybe

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sfbrian11 asked: Wow. You are so hot. I would love to fuck that hot little asshole. Thanks for posting so many hot pics of that ass giving some guys the ultimate pleasure! God I wish it was my cock in those photos!

I wish it was your cock :(

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever done anal without lube? If you did how did it feel?

of course, it’s amazing

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evosolution asked: I love your profile picture. You have such a gorgeous ass. Do you mind me asking which state you're from? Also, do you like double penetration ? Btw, thanks for Making my cock rock hard every time!

I’m from Spain, I used to live in Texas years ago

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever had poop come out during anal?

no, I hope it never happens

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Anonymous asked: Would you let a teenager destroy your rear?

of course, they are tireless