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About two months ago, I ordered my doll to start toying with her ass. I told her that I was going to fuck her anally one day, and she had to be ready. 

So she began her training, slowly but surely. It started with buying a butt plug that was too big for a beginner, and the poor girl couldn’t even get the tip in very far. I remember visiting her about a few weeks ago and my finger was too big. 

So drastic measures were taken. I bought her a smaller butt plug, and told her that she would wear it every single time she had work or school. All day, no exceptions. I also told her that, if she ever wants to masturbate again, she needs to have her original, big butt plug in her ass.

Needless to say, she opened up rather quickly.

Yesterday, everything paid off. I was able to get my entire cock in her ass.

There was still a bit of pain, and it wasn’t in there for too long, but it was still an astonishing amount of progress. A few weeks ago, my index finger couldn’t fit comfortably. And now my entire cock fills her up so damn well. 

And the gape. Holy shit, the gape. I must’ve sat there for ten minutes, putting the dildo in and taking it out again, just to see her gape.

I’m proud of you, doll…you know your homework until our next meeting. I’m cumming inside of your ass next time, so you better work that little hole even more. Still, I’m remarkably proud of you.

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